History of Bands 1966-1973

By Ed Johnson

  Nine Lives/Cloud Nine (9) Cloud Nine II (9) Big-M Review (14-16) Funky Soul Train (10)
Vocals Ron Heath Ron Heath Ron Heath  
Vocals     Willie Scott, Tyrone Grady, Frank Smith Willie Scott, Tyrone Grady, Frank Smith
Sax Ron Dobbins Ron Dobbins (Ron Dobbins)  
Sax Bob Cowles Bob Cowles (Bob Cowles)  
Sax     Harvey Holland Harvey Holland
Sax     Lanier Boatwright  
Trumpet Bob Gallant Bob Gallant Bob Gallant Bob Gallant
Trumpet     Ken Culpepper  
Trombone (Todd Merriman) Todd Merriman Todd Merriman Todd Merriman
Guitar Ed Johnson Ed Johnson Ed Johnson Ed Johnson
Guitar Todd Merriman      
Drums Tony Watson Mike Nepote Mike Nepote/Creig Harber Creig Harber Facebook
Keyboards Sandy Payton/Bryan Rambo Bryan Rambo Bryan Rambo Bryan Rambo
Bass Vernon Appenzeller Vernon Appenzeller Vernon Appenzeller/Jerry Womack Jerry Womack
Dates 1966-1967 1968 1968-1969 1969
Notes     aka: Z-Band  
Abbrev C C2 Z F

  Circus Train/Seventh Circle (10) Micropolis (7) Micropolis II (8) Micropolis III (10)
Vocals Bob Gallant Bob Gallant Bob Gallant Bob Gallant
Vocals Creig Harbor Creig Harber Creig Harbor Sonny Prewitt
Vocals Gary Doty Gary Doty Gary Doty Jim Chase
Vocals       Steve Hawes
Sax Harvey Holland Harvey Holland Harvey Holland  
Trumpet Bob Gallant Bob Gallant Bob Gallant Bob Gallant
Trumpet Stan Hutto Dave Harler Hugh Adams Jerry Brooks
Trombone Todd Merriman Todd Merriman Todd Merriman Todd Merriman
Trombone       Charles Hefton
Guitar Dennis Jones Dennis Jones Daryl Huffman Sonny Prewitt
Guitar       Chris Bowman
Drums Creig Harber Creig Harber Creig Harber Jim Chase, then John Terciano
Keyboards Bryan Rambo Bryan Rambo Jay Street Jay Street/David Nabors
Bass Jerry Womack Gary Doty Gary Doty Steve Hawes
Dates 1970 1971 1971-1972 1972-1973
Notes       Infusion of members from Virgin Wool Chattanooga, TN.  Last job: Muncie, IN, Nov. 1973
Abbrev 7 M M2 M3

History of Bands 1963-1966

  Dynels I (6) Dynels II (6) Enchanters (5) Twilighters (5)
Vocals Karl Gordon Karl Gordon (Ron Heath) (Bob Gallant)
Keyboards Jim McKillip Jim McKillip Ron Heath  
Guitar Bob Johnson Bob Johnson Tommy Bishop Eddie Fields
Guitar   Ed Johnson   David Wilson
Sax Bob Cowles Bob Cowles Ron Dobbins Ron Dobbins
Drums Ernest Faver Bill Wilder Billy McNeal Bruce Burns
Bass Ed Johnson Ron Addington Bob Crowder Bob Gallant
Dates 1962-1963 1963-1964 1964-1965 1964-1965
Abbrev D D2 E T

  Mystics (4) Rogues (5) Rogues II (7) Regents (5)
Vocals (Bob Johnson) (Todd Merriman) Ron Heath (Bob Gallant)
Keyboards     Sandy Payton Bryan Rambo
Guitar Bob Johnson Todd Merriman Todd Merriman Bob Gallant
Guitar David Wilson   Ed Johnson David Barrett
Sax   Harvey Holland    
Drums Bruce Burns Tony Watson Tony Watson Eddie Hamrick
Bass Bob Gallant Vernon Appenzeller Vernon Appenzeller Allen Osborne
Dates 1964-1965 1965-1966 1966 1965-1966
Notes   First job: Bee Bop Grill, Marietta, Ga, New Years Eve 1964?    
Abbrev M R R2 Re

  Depressions Outcasts (6)
Vocals Willie Scott, Tyrone Grady, Frank Smith Danny Martin
Keyboards Tommy Womack  
Guitar David Barrett Johnny Whitten
Guitar   Bobby Longino
Trumpet Ken Culpepper  
Sax Harvey Holland  
Trombone Ed Seay  
Drums Eddie Hamrick ?
Bass Jerry Womack ?
Dates 1967-1968 1962-1963
Notes Original name: "The Depressions"  
Abbrev N O

The Members

  Name Bands Where are they now? Contact
Vocals Carl Gordon D,D2 Deceased 1994, Athens
  Ron Heath E,R2,C,C2,Z,F Retired, Marietta Facebook
  Willie Scott N,Z,F,7 Deceased
  Tyrone Grady N,Z,F,7 Construction, Marietta
  Frank Smith N,Z,F,7 ?
  Danny Martin O Marietta
Sax Ron Dobbins E,T,C,C2,Z Retired cop, Lawrenceville Facebook
  Bob Cowles D,D2,C,C2,Z Retired 2000, Walton H.S. Band Dir., Marietta, Teacher, Cobb Wind Symphony Facebook
  Harvey Holland R,C,C2,Z,F7,M,M2,M3 USPS, Marietta ?
  Lanier Boatwright Z ?
Trumpet Bob Gallant T,m,Re,C,C2,Z,F,7,M,M2,M3 Oregon Facebook
  Ken Culpepper Z ?
  Jerry Brooks M2,M3 Music teacher, Cobb Wind Symphony Facebook
  Hugh Adams M2,M3 Baptist Minister
Trombone Todd Merriman R,R2,C,C2,Z,F,7,M,M2,M3 Owns software company, Acworth, GA Facebook
  Charles Hefton M3 Disc Jockey
Guitar Eddie Fields T Deceased early 80s, Marietta policeman
  David Wilson T,m ?
  Bob Johnson D,D2,m TV news anchor, Chattanooga, TN.  Past DJ on WFOM, Marietta, WDOL, Athens, and "Mr. Pix" at Channel 5, Atlanta.
  Ed Johnson D,D2,R2,C,C2,Z,F Semi-retired, consulting Chicago
  Dennis Jones 7,M ? Facebook
  Johnny Whitten O ?
  Bobby Longino O ?-Chicago
  David Barrett Re Retired Facebook
  Tom Bishop E Owns insurance agency-Albany, GA
  Daryl Jones M2 ?
  Sonny Prewitt M3 Musician, Mango Bros. Band Facebook
  Chris Bowman M3 Music teacher and sound engineer Facebook
Drums Tony Watson R,R2,C Banker, Marietta
  Mike Nepote C2,Z Musician and teacher, Atlanta
  Creig Harber Z,F,7,M Music teacher
  Bill Wilder D,D2 Percussionist-Atlanta Symphony
  Bruce Burns T,m ?
  Eddie Hamrick Re ?
  Ernest Faver D ?
  Sam Huff E Restranteur Facebook
  John Terciano M3 Deceased
  Jim Chase M3 Disc Jockey, Recording Engineer Facebook
Keyboards Bryan Rambo Re,C,C2,Z,F,7,M Bometals Alabama
  Sandy Payton R2 ?
  Jim McKillip D Lives in Athens, GA, owned a music store there
  Jay Street M2,M3 Musician and music teacher, Raleigh, NC Facebook
  David Nabors M3 ?
Bass Vernon Appenzeller R,R2,C,C2,Z Mortgage Broker-Marietta
  Jerry Womack N,Z,F Realtor-Marietta Facebook
  Gary Doty 7,M,M2 ?
  Allen Osborne Re  
  Ron Addington D2 ?
  Bob Crowder E Abbott Labs-NC
  Steve Hawes M3 Producer and enginneer with his own recording studio
  Ed Seay C Recording engineer, Nashville, TN Facebook
Inspiration Boyd McKeown   Deceased, Marietta High School band director
  Frank Joiner   Personal manager and booking agent Facebook
  "Big Hugh Baby," Hugh Jarret   Deceased April 2008: DJ on WFOM in Marietta, WPLO in Atlanta and promoter of "Big Hugh Baby Hopparoonies" in the late 60's.  Member of "Jordonaires," Elvis' original backup singers.
Road Managers Jim Gamble M3 Deceased
  Cliff Henderson M3   Facebook

What Bands Were When?

Years Number Abbrev. Name
1961-62 3+3 unk. O Outcasts
1962-63 6 D Dynels I
1963-64 6 D2 Dynels II
1964-65 5 E Enchanters
1964-65 5 T Twilighters
1964-65 4 m Mystics
1965-66 5 R Rogues
1966 7 R2 Rogues II
1965-66 5 Re Regents
1967-68 11 N Nine Lives
1966-67 9 C Cloud Nine
1968 9 C2 Cloud Nine II
1968-69 14-16 Z Big M Review/Z Band
1969 10 F Funky Soul Train
1970 10 7 Seventh Circle/Circus Train
1971 8 M1 Micropolis
1971-72 7 M2 Micropolis II
1972-73 10 M3 Micropolis III


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