Appeared With/Backed Up/Warmup For
The Platters
Rare Earth
Janis Joplin
Ted Nugent
Tiny Tim
Ronnie Dove
Chubby Checker
Sly and the Family Stone
Hampton Grease Band
Bill Sheffield
Vic Waters
Mose Jones
Jackie Wilson
Billy Joe Royal
Swingin' Medallions
Emory Gordy
BJ Thomas
Darryl Rhoades
Tony Joe White

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circa 1973
The Last Iteration of Micropolis, disbanded in November 1973
Steve Hawes, Charles Hefton, Chris Bowman, Bob Gallant (back), Todd Merriman, Jerry Brooks, Jay Street, John Terciano, Sonny Prewitt
Picture was taken at the Beggar's Banquet, Louisville, Kentucky in 1973 by Cliff the Roadie with Todd's camera.

Todd Merriman, Charles Hefton, Hugh Adams, Steve Hawes, Jay Street, Jim Chase, Bob Gallant, Sonny Prewitt, Chris Bowman

circa 1972?
During the "Show Band" Phase
Craig Harbor, Daryll Huffman, Jay Street, Bob Gallant, Gary Doty, Charles Hefton, Dave Dave Harler, Todd Merriman

Craig Harbor, Bob Gallant, Daryl Huffman, Gary Doty, Charles Hefton, Dave Haler, Jay Street, Todd Merriman

Frank Joiner, Personal Manager

Bob Gallant, Charles Hefton, Jay Street, Steve Hawes, Sonny Prewitt, Todd Merriman, Hugh Adams, Jim Chase, Chris Bowman

Hey, now we've hit the Big Time!

Micropolis entertaining at the Atlanta Raft Race.

The Bumper Sticker circa 1972

The Micropolis T-shirt



Read Bob Gallant's The Micropolis Journals, a history of a band breakup.

Read Jerry Brooks' Micropolis Recording Journal, 7/17/73

View the Micropolis Photo Album

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Sound Files Bit Rate
The Micropolis Audition Tape 128kbps Mono
Pilot: Motorcycle Mamma
Written by Chris Bowman
160kbps Stereo
Pilot: Without You 160kbps Stereo
A Good Woman's Hard to Find
Recorded at Columbia Studio, Nashville, Egr. Stan Hutto, Written and sung by Chris Bowman
160kbps Stereo
Recorded at Columbia Studio, Nashville, Egr. Stan Hutto, sung by Jim Chase.  Written by Bob Gallant and Jay Street.
160kbps Stereo
Songs I Never Sing
Written by Chris Bowman, sung by Jim Chase
160kbps Stereo
Rock and Roll Woman 160kbps Stereo
Written and sung by Sonny Prewitt
160kbps Stereo
We're Looking at You 160kbps Stereo
Swan Lake Intro Live 160kbps Stereo
2001 Space Oddesy-Songs I Never Sing-Live 160kbps Stereo


21st Century Schitzoid Man 160kbps Stereo
Me and You, You and Me 160kbps Stereo
Neurosis 160kbps Stereo

These sound files will probably have to be downloaded before playing.