Full Name: Chris Bowman
Nick Name:
Email Address:
Street Address Line 1: 555 Woodline Court
Street Address Line 2:
City, State, Zip: Roswell, GA 30076
Bands played in: Virgin Wool and Micropolis and Classics IV
Instruments played in the band: Guitar, recorder
Profession: Music Teacher, and Audio Visual Tech
URL of personal website:
Interests and hobbies:

Teaching, writing, recording

The most significant events since playing in the band(s)
  • Joined the Classics IV afterMicropolis

  • 2 children, Angela and Zachary

  • Sold stock at Merrill Lynch

  • 2 Grandchildren, Christian and Kaitlyn

  • Started a music school- now has 150students

  • Studied clasical guitar from John Sutherland, a Segovia master class graduate

  • Played with Bckner and Garcia, Pac Man Fever-sold over 1,000,000 copies-Grammy nomination -appearance on "Entertainment Tonight"

  • Played and recorded with Atlant Pops Orchestra "Hooked on Country" album-500,000 copies-Grammy Nomination

  • Wrote and prouced "Tune up clinic" "Jim Ellis Volkswagon/Porsche/Audi/Sterling" car commercials=Kroger and Coke Jingles and more

  • Taught Recording Arts at the Music Business Institute/Art Institute for 10 years in Atlanta

Types of music now liked

Jazz and Classical and of course all of our old recordings. Great!!!!

Words of wisdom:

God gave us us our talents and gifts, let each of us use them in a way that will thank and glorify God.


I just want to thank any of you that have taken the time and initiative to put this together. It means so much to me. All of this has been so emotional for so many years, and buried in the back of my mind. I can't express the feelings and emotions connected with the memories of the images that you have posted here. I really loved the reunion. It was great. One day in a hurry is not enough for me to revisit all of the wonderful music we made. 
As I listen to it, the feelings are so intense. I rally want to see Bob, Jay, Sonny, Joe, Charles, and older Micropolis members at the next reunion. Lets,try for January. Chris Bowman