Full Name: Edward Castanuela
Nick Name: Joe
Email Address:
Street Address Line 1:  
Street Address Line 2:  
City, State, Zip: Verona
Country: Italy
Bands played in: Band had no name: Jazz and standards with Ed Seay, Tom Marnel
Instruments played in the band: drums
Profession: entertainment licensing advisor for celebrity endorsements
URL of personal website:  
Interests and hobbies:


The most significant events since playing in the band(s)
  • 1967 got drafted US Army, right out of High School, Class of "67"

  • 1971 was released from Army, married to my wife of over 30 years in Italy "Lia"

  • 1972 attended college in Italy ,

  • 1977 graduated Conservator of Music Rome/Milan, had first son "Franco"

  • 1979 had second son "Carlo"

  • 1990 signed my first deals with Michael Jackson , Pele' and Mickey Mantle for endorsement rights for clients

  • 2000 doing the same things and enjoying it, a few months here and a few months in Italy

  • 2003 doing the same things and enjoying it,

Types of music now liked

If it sound good I like it !!!

Words of wisdom:

It's Never Too Late for anything !!!


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