Full Name: Ken Haile
Nick Name: Thumper
Email Address:
Street Address Line 1: 201 Outer Drive
Street Address Line 2:  
City, State, Zip: Oak Ridge TN 37830
Bands played in: Knoxville's 'RUSH' Group 1969-1970 - 'SWAMP ANGEL,' Knoxville 1971 - "CANYON" Band, Charlotte 1975-76 - Recorded w/ Knoxville's Progressive Art-Rock Group 'EARS,' 1978
Instruments played in the band: Drums/Backup Vocals
Profession: Drummer
URL of personal website:  
Interests and hobbies:

Drums, Piano, Piano and Drums!

The most significant events since playing in the band(s)
  • Appeared on Marshall Andy's 'RIDERS OF THE SILVER SCREEN' TV Show, 2011.

  • Interviewed on Marshall Andy's Radio Show, Knoxville, 2011.

  • Saw Ringo Starr, Bill Wyman & others, Atlanta, 1987, at opening of 'LONDON BRASSERIE,' Ringo & Bill's Business Venture.

Types of music now liked

Anything that's presented well.

Words of wisdom:

. . And In The End The Love You Take Is Equal To The Love You Make' . . BEATLES


Thanks for giving me this opportunity.