Full Name: Murray Hornsby
Nick Name:  
Email Address:
Street Address Line 1: 46 Heron Pointe Court
Street Address Line 2:  
City, State, Zip: Destin, Fl. 32550
Bands played in: Twighters; 1963-64 ?
Instruments played in the band: Converted acoutic / Bass Guitar
Profession: Financial Advisor/ Stockbroker for Allstate
URL of personal website:
Interests and hobbies:

Director of a ministry to help restore America to it's original vision and values

The most significant events since playing in the band(s)
  • 2001 -started Christian ministry called American Heritage Alliance

  • 2000- left Atlanta area for first time in 50 yrs. and moved to the beach at Destin, Fl.

  • 1999- married for the last time the love of my life Gwen

  • 1996- became a stockbroker with Raymond James

  • 1990- started career in finance with John Hancock

  • 1989-closed a business I built and started all over

  • 1980-had my son Carson - student in Athens, Ga. ; 23 yrs. old

  • 1978- began a business called "Bumper's Junction" and Complete Game Dist.

  • 1975- had my son Zach- attorney now in Wash. D.C. ; 28 yrs. old

  • 1972- had my son Max- head chef now for Dallas National Golf Club, Texas, 31 yrs. oold

Types of music now liked

all types

Words of wisdom:

Give thanks and praise to the originator of music, the Lord Himself- for our spiritual expression and joy


I believe the first job for the Twilighters was either the TAC or the Y-Teens at the YWCA- we usually practiced at David Wilson's house