A  history of related bands that started-up in the Southeast USA in the years 1963-1973

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Big M Review
Circus Train
Cloud Nine
Funky Soul Train
Seventh Circle
Virgin Wool
The Rogues
The Mystics
Nine Lives
Miscellaneous Related Bands

The Band Members Photo and Profiles Pages
Bob Cowles Bryan Rambo Ron Heath Todd Merriman
Tony Watson Vernon Appenzeller Bob Gallant Allen Osborne
Jim Chase Ed Johnson Bruce Burn Jim McKillip
Jerry Womack Steve Hawes Jim Gamble Hugh Adams
Glen Meadows Chris Bowman Sonny Prewitt Creig Harber
Dennis Jones Gary Doty Frank Joiner Lanier Boatwright
Joe Castanuela Murray Hornsby Big Hugh Baby Jarret Ranse Whitworth
Eddie Hamrick Gary Doty David Barrett Jay Street
  Ken Haile    

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